Quick Guide to Starting a Towing Business: All You Need to Know

Business ventures and always hard, demanding, but they can bring you plenty of profit. Starting a towing company is one of those ventures that can pay you back later. However, just like any business it might fail or bring you more worries than profit at first. There are few tips you have to memorize before you start your own towing service.

  • Create a business plan.
    No business can work without a plan. Try to calculate all the costs at this point. Think of the things you will need.
  • Think about a proper way to advertise it.
    You might find out that there are other towing services in your area. Then, you have to be better than those or offer different services. You also have to start calculating your marketing costs and develop a strategy for smart advertising.
  • Get a state license.
    You have to develop a business structure and maybe talk to a legal expert about it. You might want to start a corporation, a sole owner business or a limited liability company. It’s all up to you. You might also want to register in the system with your business.
  • Get towing trucks.
    The next step is getting the vehicles you need. The type would depend on the services you offer. It would be better to think ahead here and get at least 2-3 towing trucks. Also, remember that hook and chain types are quite damaging to vehicles, so car owners might not want those. Then, you might want to get flat-beds. Those are good even for full-sized trucks and big vehicles. A wheel-lift system should also be considered.
  • Pass checks and inspections.
    When you start a business, a bunch of people will come to check if you’re doing good. They would inspect your trucks, your services, check how much you charge and might want to see workers’ licenses. Be ready for this.
  • Get an office.
    You would need an office, so find a place which you could rent for yourself. You would need call-center operators to stay there.
  • Don’t forget about an insurance.
    There are two types of insurances you will need: a business auto insurance and liability insurance. Make sure you invest in those. Some places don’t allow you to work without those, however, getting yourself into trouble and not having an insurance is even worse.
  • Find the people to work for you.
    You would need some workers for your company. At first, you need towing truck drivers. You might want to find people with experience or train them and/or require them to obtain licenses. You would also need someone for your reception to answer calls and direct people. You have to hire someone with knowledge of cars, otherwise, it might be hard for them to understand issues clients have.
  • Create good working environment.
    You need to ensure your workers are safe, they have good working conditions and don’t need anything extra. Put a coffee machine in your office and ensure they can have food or something. You need to start thinking about giving them uniforms when your company expands and make sure they have decent salaries.
  • Advertise smartly.
    You have to find good places to advertise if you want your business to success. Think about putting banners or flyers at the gas stations, maybe police offices and/or different can clubs. Or maybe bars! You need people to know about your services and that you are available. Also, use the internet to advertise yourself. Certain SEO practices and local search ads can help you become a #1 towing service in your area.

It’s not that hard to start a towing service that would be successful. After all, it’s a type of a business that is always in demand. You just need to start your company in a right way and advertise properly.