Our Services

Our company works with different car issues, so we are more than just “a towing service”. We try hard to offer you different options and now you can get an emergency help from us. We possess the needed equipment for towing and other car services.

All of our personnel have insurances, certificates and pass tests that ensure they are knowledgeable enough for driving/operating towing equipment. You and your car are safe with us!

  • Tire change.
    Anything might happen on the road. If your tire is worn out, broken or pricked, you need some help to change it. Not every car has a spare one, so if you’re that unlucky driver who is stuck in the middle of nowhere, don’t worry. Our driver can come fast and help you out!
  • Fuel change and delivery.
    If you’re lacking fuel and there is no gas station nearby, which might happen in our area, we can deliver you some fuel. Getting help is better than spending a night in the field in your car, right?
  • Car breakdowns and fixes.
    Our mechanics are certified to do small car services on the road. If the issue is minor and they are fully sure what it is, they will help you fix your car or jump start it, so you can safely travel home.
  • Regular towing.
    Whenever you need a towing service, we are here for you. We started as a towing company, so it’s our main focus. We have all the equipment for high-quality towing.
  • Lockdown and lost key help.
    If you’re suddenly outside and freezing, call us, we will help.
  • Heavy duty.
    If you need towing for heavier cars, we can do that too. Our specialists are experienced in operating heavy-duty towing vehicles.
  • Exotic car towing.
    If you have a rare, older or exotic car, we have special tools for towing those as well! Just tell us your model!

We can help you with practically every single car issue you might have on the road. All of our equipment is modern and works well.